Wish List

My classroom is moving into a new spot. It’s big and completely empty at the moment, so it’s not as warm and welcoming as I would like. I thought that I might as well share a wish list of a few items that I would like to help make the space look lively.

  1. A few plants – any kind of plant works.
  2. A coffee maker. Not a Keurig, those are terrible for the environment.  An old-fashioned coffee maker works just fine.
  3. An electric kettle for tea.
  4. Any coffee mugs you’re not using.
  5. A container for sugar/creamer
  6. A few spoons for stirring.
  7. A console table for the coffee/tea station (black or grey)
  8. Some art easels that I could use to display posters in one of the display windows. Maybe four that look like this.





9. Posters, posters and more posters. I teach American English. I would love to have some posters of iconic American places or scenes: the Grand Canyon, the Golden Gate Bridge, any scene related to the Great Lakes, great pictures of Detroit.

9a. Also posters of famous Americans – Dr. King, Cesar Chavez, Shirley Chisholm, Dorothy Day or other positive influences on US society.

9b. Poster prints of famous artwork by US artists.

9c. Any visual references related to Native Americans. Maps that showed where communities lived before Europeans.

9d. Any history related posters. When I talk about US history, I don’t filter anything through rose-colored glasses, I speak the truth.

10. Any pieces of Americana that you don’t want and might be instructive or attractive.

I’m sure that I’ll be able to order some of these items through work. I might have to spread it out over a couple of years, so any help you might be able to offer, I would love it. Leave a comment or, if you know me, send an email. I’ll get a hold of you.


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